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Nepal is a small but nevertheless aesthetically most beautiful country in south Asia with rich natural, historical, social and cultural scenarios. Located in the Himalayas, Nepal possesses an immensely beautiful diversification in its culture and tradition. The hospitality received at Nepal is amongst the highly praised global hospitalities. Apart from this, every possible effort is made here in Nepal to provide a suitable environment to all the people who aim for a better world, including our children.

This beautiful country is constantly a victim of various natural disasters such as earthquake, landslide, floods, etc. and life of people is not good and healthy as in other developed countries. On the other hand, a long political instability and civil war killed many people and many children ended up as orphans. Not enough and strong laws are practiced in protecting children in Nepal. Because of these problems still thousands of children are suffering of safe accommodation, nutritious food and quality education.

Namaste Children Nepal is established to provide safe home, education and health care of those children who are in risk and are deprived for children rights.


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They can help children with the tuitions, homework, games, extra activities, educational and cultural tours etc. Besides, they can also do offer help by repairing and maintaining the home.

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