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Rukminesh Karki

Rukminesh Karki (M)

Date Of Birth: 03-09-2014
Birth Place: Japhe, Dolakha

Biraj Sunuwar (M)

Date Of Birth: 22-08-2012
Birth Place: Namadi, Ramechhap

Tulasha Khadka

Tulasha Khadka (F)

Date Of Birth: 30-09-2010
Birth Place:: Namadi, Ramechhap

Ram Tamang (M)

Date Of Birth: 01-03-2011
Birth Place:: Pharpu-6, Ramechhap

Laxman Tamang (M)

Date Of Birth: 01-03-2011
Birth Place: Pharpu-6, Ramechhap

Aminesh Karki

Aminesh Karki (M)

Date Of Birth: 26-06-2012
Birth Place: Jhule-4, Dolakha

Sujan B.K.(Khus)

Sujan B.K. (Khus) (M)

Date Of Birth: 28-09-2006
Birth Place: Jhule-3, Dolakha


Sanchita B.K. (F)

Date Of Birth: 29-06-2009
Birth Place: Rasnalu-2, Ramechhap

Remika Khadka

Remika Khadka (F)

Date Of Birth: 10-12-2003
Birth Place: Pharpu-4, Ramechhap

Pradip Thapa

Pradip Thapa (M)

Date Of Birth: 02-06-2004
Birth Place: Benighat, Dhading

Manisha Yogi

Manisha Yogi (F)

Date Of Birth: 23-01-2005
Birth Place: Mehulmudi-2, Kalikot

Sujan Basnet

Sujan Basnet (M)

Date Of Birth: 18-03-2005
Birth Place: Banigama-3, Morang

Amisha Karki

Amisha Karki (F)

Date Of Birth: 23-02-2005
Birth Place: Jhule-4, Dolakha

Rakshya Karki

Rakshya Karki (F)

Date Of Birth: 09-03-2005
Birth Place: Japhe-8, Dolakha

Suman BK

Suman BK (M)

Date Of Birth: 26-07-2002
Birth Place: Jhule-3, Dolkha

Utsav Pokhrel

Utsav Pokhrel (M)

Date Of Birth: 26-02-2007
Birth Place: Japhe-1, Dolakha

Sushma Lama

Sajana Karki (Sushma)(F)

Date Of Birth: 07-05-2004
Birth Place: Dolakha

Samir Karki

Samir Karki(M)

Date Of Birth: 30-04-2000
Birth Place: Duragaun–4, Ramechhap

Bhimsen Bhatta

Bhimsen Bhatta (M)

Date Of Birth: 15-09-2003
Birth Place: Tandrang-5, Gorkha

Srijana BK

Srijana BK (F)

Date Of Birth: 09-10-1999
Birth Place: Jhule-3, Dolkha

Suresh Basnet

Suresh Basnet (M)

Date Of Birth: 23-06-2002
Birth Place: Betali, Ramechhap

Riya Karki

Riya Karki (F)

Date Of Birth: 04-10-2001
Birth Place: Japhe-8, Dolakha

Sagar Lama

Sagar Lama (M)

Date Of Birth: 18-01-2002
Birth Place: Dukuchhap-8, Lalitpur

Uma Khadka

Uma Khadka (F)

Date Of Birth: 01-01-1998
Birth Place: Pharpu-2, Ramechhap

Rohit Adhikari

Rohit Adhikari (M)

Date Of Birth: 13-07-1999
Birth Place: Jeevanpur-7, Dhading

Oliver Raut

Oliver Raut (M)

Date Of Birth: 07-09-1997
Birth Place: Pharpu-2, Ramechhap


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They can help children with the tuitions, homework, games, extra activities, educational and cultural tours etc. Besides, they can also do offer help by repairing and maintaining the home.

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